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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gul Ahmed Printed Linen Viscose

Gul Ahmed Company introduced Gul Ahmed Printed Linen Viscose for Winter 2009-2010. This Gul Ahmed winter stuff have latest and beautiful floral designs, New Neck styles and nice floral dupatta style. This new Gul Ahmed Linen Viscose Salwar kameez has Heavy Thick Stuff of Gul Ahmed Dresses. Let see Latest designs of Gul Ahmed winter collection .....

This Gul Ahmed printed linen Viscose Sallwar kameez has nice neck in Round style and loose style kameez arm style. This Gul Ahmed printed kameez is Long is length and looking beautiful in floral designs with dark cyan background. This kameez has nice work of lines border style and nice floral dupatta style. This Gul Ahmed Winter salwar kameez has Ladies Trouser style Salwar.

Beautiful and Latest Gul Ahmed Salwar kameez in Collar style Kameez with colorful printed style. This Printed Linen Viscose salwar kameez has beautiful dark brown dupatta with trouser style Gul Ahmed salwar. As Its a Gul Ahmed winter collection so it has full sleeve style and Ladies Sherwani style kameez.

Beautiful Gul Ahmed Printed salwar kameez in Light pink color which is ladies most favorite color and have big printed Neck style (Gala style) This Kameez has also nice colorful floral style borders at Gul Ahmed Kameez keera. This Gul Ahmed kameez has a beautiful printed colorful floral dupatta style.

Latest Gul Ahmed long coat style kameez This kameez is like a upper and have a beautiful neck style in beautiful motif design and a beautiful belt style. This upper style kameez is decorated with colorful floral prints. The lower kurti style kameez in Cream color is in silk stuff. This is a under kameez wear but its a design. This Gul Ahmed printed salwar kameez has a trouser style salwar.

its Gul Ahmed latest printed linen Viscose salwar kameez in printed floral design. This Gul Ahmed kameez has a latest floral neck style This Kameez neck style is looking beautiful in floral design. The kameez is in sleeveless style and have a beautiful colorful printed dupatta style and modern Gul Ahmed Trouser style salwar.

Nice Gul Ahmed colorful printed salwar kameez in winter collection with belt style. This salwar kameez has Gul Ahmed Drape necks style. This Drape neck style is introduced first time in Gul Ahmed salwar kameez. This Salwaar kameez design is divided in to design upper blouse style in combination of two color red and orange and its a simple color where as blow the belt the kameez has colorful floral printed style. This Gul Ahmed kameez is in sleeveless style. The dupatta is also in colorful liens and floral style and Gul Ahmed salwar is in loose Punjabi style .

its a beautiful and new style of Gul Ahmed printed collection. This Gul Ahmed kameez is in sleeveless style and have a gown style kameez design. The Gul Ahmed kameez is looking beautiful in floral printed style and dupatta is also in colorful line style. This Gul Ahmed kameez is designed for party wear and casual wear also.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Winter Sweater Collection

Blue sweater in beautiful big collar style and sleeveless style this sweater has a nice stuff and designed like a shirt with button style. These sweaters are also called talking fashion for winter collections.

Nice and beautiful night coat style sweater with V style neck and belt style in sleeveless style.

Its also a night coat style casual wear coat sweater with nice collar style and belt style.

latest hoodies style long sweater with pocket and long button style.

Nice Glamorous style sweater with hoodies and coat style. This sweater is looking beautiful in loose style.

Old style but most famous and beautiful style of sweater. This sweater has nice collar style, beautiful neck and button style and short body style sweater.

Its a closed style sweater with fantastic and beautiful design on it. This ladies sweater has a beautiful collars style. This sweater is very nice for party wear.

Nice Party wear sweater with short coat style. This sweater has a beautiful necks style and looking beautiful in nice sided pocks and button style.

Nice party wear style like a upper in loose style and coat style with nice belt style.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Gul Ahmed Embroidered Khaddar For Ladies: Winter Collection

Gul Ahmed Company introduced in Winter (Autumn 2010) with latest, beautiful and new varieties, in which Gul Ahmed Embroidered Ladies Khaddar is also introduced with latest gul ahmed designs and newest style. These latest Gul Ahmed Khaddar Salwar kameez for Winter has latest designed with Floral style and Mostly GulAhmed Salwar kameez are for Party wear.
These Newest Gul Ahmed Khaddar salwar kameez has newest trend like Long style kameez, Fitted, Trouser style and some of the Gul Ahmed Khaddar styles are in Gown Touch. Some of the Latest and Beautiful Gul Ahmed Khaddar salwar kameez designs are.....

Its a beautiful and latest Gul Ahmed ladies sherwani style Suit with beautiful French Collar style kameez and wide button style neck design. The Gul Ahmed Winter Kameez in Dark Green Floral style and long style. with beautiful latest liens border style. and looking beautiful with Ladies Trouser style salwar and Gul Ahmed Latest Khaddar style Dupatta in Floral designs.


Its a latest Gul Ahmed Sparking Khaddar style suit. This Kameez style has a Western Gul Ahmed touch as the Neck of Gul Ahmed Khaddar kameez is round but kameez style is Complete Full sleeve style and long style. Latest Gul Ahmed Khaddar kameez is decorated with Zari and motif lines and have also a Floral and leaf style in Golden motif and zari, The kameez border has also a cyan color border line and Salwar is in Gul Ahmed Trouser style. But Gul Ahmed Dupatta is in net Floral Khaddar style.


It is a Gul Ahmed Graceful Embroidered Khaddar Salwar kameez in Winter Collection for Parties wear. This Gul Ahmed has a latest neck style, This Neck style is introduced by Gul Ahmed first time in Pakistan in which Kameez neck has covered half Shoulder but half shoulder is naked that's why its a Gul Ahmed Party wear collection. This latest gul ahmed kameez is in Floral Khaddar style and have a beautiful colorful borders at kameez Kera. This Latest Gul Ahmed Dress has a beautiful and latest gul ahmed dupatta style and have a beautiful block trouser style Pajama.


It is a latest Design of Gul Ahmed Embroidered Khaddar For Ladies because it has latest collar style bane and in full sleeve and long style kameez design. It is actually a western style in Latest Gul Ahmed winter collections for ladies. This kameez has a long V style neck and floral style Kameez in Khaddar Clothes with Floral designs. This kameez has a Ladies Sherwani touch and also Gown style touch. New Gul Ahmed kameez is looking beautiful in Dark Green Color and have a beautiful floral Gul Ahmed Dupatta style.


This Latest Gul Ahmed khaddar salwar kameez is two design combination one is Ladies sherwani and 2nd is long Coat style or Chester coat style. This new gul Ahmed kameez has V style neck and is in full sleeve style with gul ahmed ladies trouser style salwar. The Gul Ahmed kameez is in floral style and two color combination, in Dark blue background and cyan lien Patti style border, This Patti start from neck and end at Gul Ahmed kameez border.


It is also a Gul Ahmed Latest khaddar salwar kameez with colorful designs. its a pure party wear dress. In This Gul Ahmed Salwar kameez the Salwar is in Gul Ahmed Trouser style and kameez is in tight kurti style with belt Addition and have a Western Neck style which cover one shoulder and other shoulder is naked. The Latest Gul Ahmed Dupatta has beautiful golden liens, Patti style and have Cultural designs. The New Gul Ahmed Khaddar Kameez is in Full sleeve style.


Beautiful and Gorgeous Design in Gul Ahmed Khaddar salwar kameez dress as you seen in this Gul Ahmed Salwar kameez the Kameez in in tareez style and have a new collar bane style like old Punjabi style and kameez is decorated with beautiful printed golden stars. This kameez is in sleeveless style and have a latest gul ahmed floral dupatta style.

New and beautiful Gul ahmed Khaddar salwar kameez in Gown style and have a beautiful V style neck. and can be used as bridal party wear or other wedding party wear. This gul ahmed kameez has a belt style and kameez is as long as kaftan or long Frock. This Latest khaddar gul ahmed kameez has net or transparent black floral kameez arm and have beautiful and latest gul ahmed dupatta style. This Gul ahmed khaddar salwar kameez design is taken from Arab Islamic fashion. 


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gul Ahmed Normal Cambric for Party Wear

It's a Beautiful Gul Ahmed Cambric Frock Style Dress in floral design. The neck is in One Shoulder neck style. This new Gul Ahmed winter dress has a latest style of Gul Ahmed Shalwar. This Gul Ahmed dress is designed specially for party wears.

New Gul Ahmed Salwar kameez, in sleeveless style with latest long kurti style kameez and trouser style salwar that Gul Ahmed dress has a nice floral dupatta style.

New Gul Ahmed salwar kameez for winter 09-10 with latest floral style salwar kameez. Kameez is looking beautiful in sleeveless style and Pajama Style salwar. The Gul Ahmed Kameez has beautiful floral dupatta.

Nice Frock style Gul Ahmed kameez in sleeveless with beautiful neck style. The kameez has beautiful Gota style border and pajama style salwar.

Gul Ahmed first time introduced high neck style kameez in fully sleeve style. The kameez is in beautiful floral style in orange color and have also a net style dupatta.

Latest Gul Ahmed salwar kameez in Fall 09-10 collection with beautiful black floral style. Kameez has beautiful neck style with belt style and have looks like long frock. This Gul Ahmed kameez is in sleeveless style. This Gul Ahmed dress has beautiful trouser style salwar and beautiful big floral style dupatta.

Cambric Party wears dress in Gul Ahmed Collection with beautiful wneck style. This Gul Ahmed Kameez is in full sleeve style with beautiful floral style. The Kameez style is like a Arabic Kaftan style with beautiful border. The Dupatta is also in floral and colorful Patern style. Gul Ahmed also Introduce a huge collection of Salwar style, you can see that in this salwar style the design is taken form Arabic fashion where Gul Ahmed Salwar is very wide. That's why this salwar kameez can also used in Arabic Parties also.

Latest Gul Ahmed Glamour style of Kameez in Autumn 09-10 collection in sleeveless with beautiful collar style neck. This blue and white floral kameez style is also looks like a long Frock or you can say that it's an Arabic Kaftan style can be used in Asian countries. This beautiful dress has a beautiful floral dupatta also.

It's also a Gul Ahmed sleeveless kameez style with floral style. The Kameez has Full neck style looking gorgeous. Gul Ahmed Kameez is looking beautiful with beautiful floral Gul Ahmed Dupatta.

Latest Gul Ahmed Salwar kameez is in pink color with beautiful neck style and sleeveless style. The kameez has a beautiful floral style and dupatta is also looking beautiful in floral designs. This Gul Ahmed Salwar Kameez is a Fantastic for parties wear.

Gul Ahmed kameez is in sleeveless style looking gorgeous with belt style and fitted waist style the kameez is long unusually and Salwar is in beautiful Pajama style with Nice floral dupatta. This Gul Ahmed kameez is in Chack style kameez design.

New design for party wears by Gul Ahmed Winter 09-10 collection with beautiful neck style in V design and Draper style of Arm and Shoulder of kameez. This kameez is in half sleeve style with beautiful wide belt on the waist of Gul Ahmed Kameez. The Bust of the kameez is also in Draped style.

In this Gul Ahmed winter 09-10 collection the kameez is in beautiful long frock style and bust of Gul Ahmed kameez is decorated with beautiful golden coin style Mirrors and Frock border is also decorated with golden coin style Mirrors. Kameez is in half sleeve style with fitted net churidar pajama. Gul Ahmed introduced 1st time churidar pajama in net transparent style.


it's also Normal Cambric dress for party wears. this Cambric dress is in full sleeve style with beautiful floral style and has a western modern style silver belt. This Party wear Cambric dress has a beautiful dupatta style.

Gul Ahmed dress for party wears in winter 2009- 2010 collection in sleeveless style and full neck style. This Gul Ahmed kameez is also in floral style with beautiful dupatta style. This Gul Ahmed kameez is looking beautiful in Gul Ahmed Pajama.

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