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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Winter Sweater Collection

Blue sweater in beautiful big collar style and sleeveless style this sweater has a nice stuff and designed like a shirt with button style. These sweaters are also called talking fashion for winter collections.

Nice and beautiful night coat style sweater with V style neck and belt style in sleeveless style.

Its also a night coat style casual wear coat sweater with nice collar style and belt style.

latest hoodies style long sweater with pocket and long button style.

Nice Glamorous style sweater with hoodies and coat style. This sweater is looking beautiful in loose style.

Old style but most famous and beautiful style of sweater. This sweater has nice collar style, beautiful neck and button style and short body style sweater.

Its a closed style sweater with fantastic and beautiful design on it. This ladies sweater has a beautiful collars style. This sweater is very nice for party wear.

Nice Party wear sweater with short coat style. This sweater has a beautiful necks style and looking beautiful in nice sided pocks and button style.

Nice party wear style like a upper in loose style and coat style with nice belt style.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pakistani and Indian Winter 2009 & 2010 Collections

Beautiful Indian Black Jackets and 2nd girl wear beautiful coat style Sweater looking beautiful with Ladies jeans.

Beautiful Pakistani Maroon sweater with beautiful winter Cap (Hijab Style)

Ladies Upper in beautiful blue parachute style and looking more beautiful with Ladies Jeans

Beautiful Indian Black Leader Upper for ladies with Formal coat style.

Ladies Non Sleeve sweater looking more beautiful with Ladies Shawl (Wraps) and ladies Winter Hat.

Its a beautiful ladies hoodie parachute style jacket specially can be used for Hill station visits.

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