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Friday, March 7, 2014

New GulAhmed Lawn

Friday, December 17, 2010

Funky Town Wear Casual Beach Wear

Funky Town : Its a actually a Disco song and also consider a disco last stand. Here I am posting related Latest and Beautiful Funky town wear clothes by Pakistani international magazine.
This girl has full sleeve ladies T Shirt in black round style and have a beautiful colorful skirts style, as it is amazing that t shirt with skirts but its a funky town style. This dress is looking beautiful with colorful motif necklaces and beautiful bracelet.

In this funky town wear the girl in Trouser pant and beach style colorful shirt style is looking so pretty and gorgeous, this shirt is in full sleeve style and have a beautiful neck style.

It is a rough style of gown style with net and belt style this gown style is in full sleeve style. This funky town wear dress can also be used as a beach wear dress.

Its a beautiful and latest funky town wear style, the girl has a beautiful colorful long skirt style and nice cyan T Shirt in full sleeve round style but the main thing in this dress is beautiful color style ladies coat style in white and like a shirt style. The girl is looking gorgeous in beautiful black hat style. That's why this dress is not only Funky town style but also Formal beach wear and Picnic party wear dress. you can also say that its a casual Frock style.

It is a glamorous funky style dress Girl has gown style black dress with no neck on dress but neck style. Fully sleeve style and the trouser is in net style and very long colorful style. The Gown style dress has a beautiful short blouse style neck design. Its is also Called Short Western Frock style dress for Funky Party wear.

White net style and upper style gown and colorful gown style, the dress has a beautiful and latest floral and stones neck style, and full sleeve style. This dress is not only funky town style but also formal beach wear dress like a Short beach wear frock style.

It is also a Funky town style with full sleeve style and beautiful neck style for casual wear on beach also and with a widely colorful trouser style. This dress is very important for casual wear as also a funky party wear.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gul Ahmed Essenza Silk- New Gul Ahmed Winter Collections

Beautiful latest and New Gul Ahmed Winter Collection Salwar kameez with beautiful, New and Floral Printed designs.

This is a latest winter Gul Ahmed Essenza Silk Salwar kameez in beautiful new Floral designs. The New Gul Ahmed kameez is looking beautiful with liens border and more gorgeous with New Gul Ahmed V Style Neck Design. In Gul Ahmed New Winter / Autum 2010 Addition the Kameez is in Sleeveless style and Dupatta is Large as compare to Gul Ahmed Spring Collection.


It is a new and Latest Gul Ahmed winter 2010 Collection Salwar Kameez with Most beautiful Gul Ahmed neck design and Floral Style kameez. In this kameez the kameez designed with Long Coaty Style as it is a Winter Collection. The kameez is in full sleeve style and dupatta is in beautiful colorful floral design. The Gul Ahmed Salwar is looking more beautiful in Trouser style for Gul Ahmed Floral Kameez. The Most Important in This Gul Ahmed Salwar kameez is The Beautiful Gul Ahmed White Floral V Style Neck Design,


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crystal Lized Suits Salwar Kameez for Party Wear

Crystallized is a Foreign bases company which has different fashion related business like Swarovski sells for use by manufacturers, artists and consumers in their designs.
In year 2007 the This company also launched the product with website which provides information for designers and manufacturers in the worlds of fashion, in which jewelery, accessories and interiors. Crystallized is one of them which focus the Countries for Salwar kameez in Asia like beautiful suits Salwar kameez for Pakistan, India and Bangladesh with Latest and New designs some of them new designs of Crystal Lized are......
Cyan Salwar kameez with Silver Widely Belt style and its Lines borders and Gown style shows that its a Anarkali Style with Motif Floral Designs.

Beautiful Bangladeshi Suit in Beautiful Gown Style in beautiful neck design and Floral Blouse style in half sleeve style.

beautiful Indian Salwar kameez with beautiful neck design and nice and beautiful motif kameez style. Red Salwar kameez is looking beautiful with motif work and Liens borders in golder color

Beautiful black Salwar kameez in Crystal Lized and looking beautiful with beautiful silver motif neck design and full sleeve kameez style, and latest style of salwar in Cut style.

Beautiful Indian Party wear Salwar kameez in Full sleeve kameez style and beautiful zari and motif Neck design, in this salwar kameez the most beautiful and latest design is Salwar design its looks like a patiala salwar but its not a patiala salwar design looks like a strapless salwar.

Beautiful Pakistani Party wear salwar kameez in red color with beautiful neck design in motif style and kameez is in Round border style with lines border.

Beautiful Bengali party wear kameez like a ladies kurti and ladies Trouser in white color. the Bengali Kurti is looking beautiful with Silver Motif Floral designs and nice ladies kurti style.

Beautifuland new Indian Party wear Kurti with beautiful ladies trouser style in white color in Crystal Lized collections. the Black ladies kurti is decorated with beautiful motif and zari neck designs with collar bane style and Floral design.

beautiful Bengali Salwar kameez for party wear in colorful kameez style with beautiful neck design and flapper or trouser style of salwar

Beautiful Pakistani casual and party wear salwar kameez with beautiful and cultural neck long neck design for kameez and beautiful liens borders with white kameez style and nice salwar design.

beautiful Indian kamez style like a coat style and full sleeve style in collar bane style and ladies trouser style.

beautiful salwar kameez for party wear in silk suit kameez style with beautiful neck design in motif style and full sleeve kameez style with cut style of salwar design.

beautiful Indian kameez for casual wear in cyan color with motif designs and ladies trouser style.

beautiful party wear salwar kameez with beautiful neck style and full sleeve kameez style in crystal lized collections.

crystal lized salwar kameez suits with nice neck style and belt style of kameez in full sleeve kameez style.

beautiful crystal lized salwar kameez for party wear in beautiful liens border style in white motif designs and nice floral motif neck design for kameez.

beautiful Indian crystal lized kameez in pure coat style in looking beautiful in cyan color and trouser style of salwar. kameez has a beautiful neck design like a motif and zari style of kameez blouse.

beautiful maroon crystal lized Pakistani party wear salwar kamez with beautiful liens border style and nice neck design with floral style

beautiful Indian crystal lized gown style kameez in full sleeve style and v style of neck and belt style and looking more beautiful with churidar pajama style salwar.

Pakistani crystal lized party wear salwar kameez with beautiful floral neck design and floral liens borders looking beautiful in black kameez and black trouser salwar style. here kameez is also looking a ladies kurti with trouser.

beautiful party wear salwar kameez with colorful silk kameez in beautiful neck design in maroon and cyan color and patiala salwar style.

beautiful Pakistani kameez in crystal lized collection in red color and beautiful neck design in motif style with half sleeve red kurti style kameez and looking more beautiful in ladies jeans.

beautiful Indian salwar kameez in black color and beautiful neck design and liens border in motif and zari style with trouser style salwar.

beautiful Indian salwar kameez in floral cyan color and beautiful neck design, coat style of kameez and trouser style of salwar.

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