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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lips Make Up Tips

Whether opting for a matte look, or with sheen, lips look the best when the texture makes the pout soft and supple.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Pakistani and Indian Bridal Makeup

All these Bridal makeup, make over are our Traditional makeup mostly use in our wedding ceremony, mehndi functions, bridal parties and walima functions. In these makeup the main focus is on lips color i think in every makeup the main focus is lips color which should be matched to its suit like dupata color,Blouse or kameez color, or lehnga color,

Indian Light Bridal Makeup, making lips color with suit color like light lip stick color and beautiful eye makeup.

beautiful Pakistani Bridal makeup , it a dark party make up for brides, in this make style the lips color is matching with the suit color, main focus of make is on lips and eyes, beautiful eyebrows style and nice liquid eye liner.

Pakistani Bridal makeup for Walima party, with beautiful eye liner work with Maskara, nice eyebrows style and with beautiful lips color matching with Dupata.

Fantastic bridal Shadi makeup with beautiful maskara makeup, lips color with border, nice eye liner makeup.

Indian bridal makeup or Indian bridal makeup for parties with beautiful eyebrow style, nice eye liner and beautiful eye makeup matching to blouse color and beautiful smiley lips color.

nice bridal makeup for photo shooting with nice and beautiful lips color, eye liner, eye make and beautiful eyebrows style.

Make over Shoots By Nikie n Nina

Beautiful Formal and or can also say its a casual Makeup because in this makeup they focus only its eye and very light lips color.

beautiful party makeup by Nikie n Nina because of its Eye makeup and beautiful Hair style.

Nice and new Party makeover style matching Lip stick color and beautiful eye liner style

beautiful Indian Party Makeup with beautiful matching Face Makeover and light Golden Lips stick (Lips Color) and nice hair style

New Arabic Party Makeup

Beautiful Arabic Party makeup with beautiful eyeliner for Arabic Girls, but the Lip Stick color as compare to party makeup is to light like a natural lips color with natural lipstick color.

Beautiful new style of Arabic Party make, like a Glamor party makeup, this party make is showing beautiful and good work of eyeliner make up, beautiful eyebrows makeup and lips are looking beautiful with Lip Liner.

New Arabic party makeup like a casual makeup, and she is looking beautiful with light make style for Arabic party, This makeup can be used for Party, Mehndi Functions (Party),Weddings, Night Function, Night Parties even different Party Events.

what a beautiful Arabic party make, its a real party make up because of thin, stylish and beautiful eyebrows style, dark face powder make up, beautiful Lips liner and one thing is looking most Gorgeous that black dot on white face near beautiful lips.

In this Arabic party make up the main focus in on Eyebrows style its so thin and Stylish, the make is looking beautiful because of light lips color and beautiful eyeliner makeup.

In this Arabic party make up the main focus is on Eyes only its a beautiful eyebrows makeup style or you can say that its a beautiful eyebrows style and light lips color and face powder.

Its a real Arabic party make style because of because of its beautiful eye make ( eyeliner makeup style and eyebrows makeup) its face makeup style made her nose thin which looks so beautiful and its lips sparking have color which is most focus in Arabic party makeup.

Its a Party makeup but its not so dark so you can also say that this make can be used for day parties , This make style can also be used for Dating with boy friend so you can also say that its a Dating makeup because of its Pink color which looks so beautiful for girls.

very light and casual Arabic makeup with a skin lip color and beautiful eyeliner.

I take this picture from a Magazine of GulAhmed this makeup is also for party makeup.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Natural Bridal Makeup

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Latest Bridal Makeup

Friday, July 3, 2009

Indian Bride Makeup

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Makeup (Specially Eyes)

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