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Monday, September 21, 2009

latest indian and Pakistani Bridal Lehnga Collections

Indian Lehnga design with beautiful zari and Motif work on Bridal Lehnga design, the Lehnga blouse is in Collar bane style and with beautiful neck design and full sleeve style, really heavy motif design on lehnga design

So nice Pakistani Lehnga design with beautiful Motif work on Lehnga blouse for beautiful Bridal wear.

Nice Indian Bridal Lehnga design with Beautiful light Golden blouse style and the Lehnga blouse is in different design with golden motif liens border and blouse is in silk motif design but the bridal Lehnga Pallu or you can say its a Lehnga Dupatta with Beautiful Floral Motif designs.

Pakistani bridal Lehnga design in Maroon color with short blouse design and Fish style Lehnga design and beautiful Pallu or Dupatta with nice motif border designs.

Beautiful Pakistani Bridal Lehnga design with beautiful Pallu style in beautiful floral motif liens borders

So Nice Indian bridal lehnga Design in red color with beautiful floral and motif neck design and lehnga blouse design the Lehnga dupatta is in Net style and decorated with beautiful liens borders in Zari style.

Its a Indian Lehnga design in Punjabi style with beautiful motif and zari work on silk lehnga and lehnga blouse is decorated also with golden motif design and have a beautiful bridal blouse neck style.

Monday, August 31, 2009

New Indian Fancy Style Lehnga

New Party wear Lehnga style in red color with full sleeve style of blouse and blouse in backless style, Lehnga is designed with Zari and beautiful Golden stars and Motif designs, pallu or dupata is also decorated with Zari and Motif. Here one thing is important that it is a Drape lehnga style.

Beautiful Party wear lehnga style in light green color with beautiful neck design of blouse and modern lehnga style for party wear.

New Indian lehnga style for Wedding and party wear with zari and motif work on blouse and lehnga, the blouse is designed as a backless style and have a beautiful neck design with
Drape style of lehnga.

Beautiful Indian Fancy lehnga with drape style and blouse have a beautiful style of neck and blouse in back side is like a round style (u style) and blouse is also decorated with Motif and borders are decorated with Jhalar.

Indian Lehnga looks beautiful in magenta color and Cyan border with full sleeve style of blouse and motif work on blouse, lehnga and dupata.

party wear lehnga with backless style of blouse in beautiful style and beautiful style of neck of blouse with Zari and motif work on lehnga and blouse.

new lehnga with zari and motif work and back less style if lehnga blouse and
Drape style of lehnga.

latest bridal wear in lehnga style which is decorated with zari and motif work and beautiful floral design of motif on blouse, the lehnga blouse is in backless style and in full sleeve style, the lehnga is in Drape style with most beautiful look of dupata, this fancy style of lehnga is mostly used for bridal wear and some time can be use in night party wear because it is a sparking style of lehnga.

new Arabic lehnga for Indian girl with Jhalar work on blouse and lehnga is in fish style backless blouse style

Indian lehnga for casual wear in backless blouse style with Drape lehnga style and zari and motif work on lehnga and dupata,

beautiful indian Drape lehnga style with beautiful full sleeve blouse style, the blouse neck is designed with motif and zari.

Indian bridal wear lehnga in fancy style with zari and motif designs on lehnga and blouse, here blouse of lehnga is in backless style create a good impression during presentation, the lehnga is in Plates style, fish style and Drape style combination and looks like a sexy style. the dupata of this indian bridal fancy lehnga is in white back round and looks beautiful.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bridal Wear Fish Lehnga Style

In Fish Lehnga Design the lehnga is not in state style but it is design like a fit to body and its look good when wear, this lehnga is called fish lehnga because when you wear it, looks like a fish.

Beautiful Lehnga design in Fish style with full slave blouse style and beautiful dupata lehnga looks good in fish style

Fish Style lehnga in Golden color with slavery style of blouse with beautiful stars work

beautiful fish style of lehnga with beautiful full slave blouse and nice dupata style for bridal wear

beautiful bridal wear fish style of lehnga with nice full style of blouse and dupata with liens work, fish lehnga is decorated with golden liens and look good in red color

nice pink fish style of lehnga with nice style of gala (neck Design) and short blouse style for bridal wear

Beautiful Indian fish style of lehnga in green color and amazing hand work on lehnga, blouse and dupata, here dupata is decorated with beautiful golden liens

Nice Indian bridal lehnga in fish style in red color and fish lehnga is decorated with beautiful golden designs and liens work at border ( Lower side of lehnga)

nice pakistani bridal fish lehnga style with beautiful silver stars work on lehnga, blouse and net dupata.

new look of bridal fish style of lehnga, whole lehnga, full blouse and dupata is decorated with nice hand work and fish lehnga is also decorated with liens work

colorful lehnga for Pakistan bride in fish style and blouse is in full slave style

Friday, August 7, 2009

Party wear Saree and Lehnga Designs

beautiful loose style of neck (galah) design of blouse style and half slave, and colorful saree style

beautiful style of blouse for Bride because this blouse is hand work silver floral design and lehnga is too good.

beautiful golden and dark mehroon color of saree with net style of palo (dupata) and good work on Lehnga, in this design the blouse is in loose style of galah (neck) but fit to body and half slave of blouse style

fancy style of saree

red and white color combination of saree with good dots work on saree and lains style

dark mahroon and golden color combination of saree with half slave of blouse style and open (Loose) style of Neck (Galah) style

red and golden color combination of saree in net style of pallo with beautiful blouse style

short blouse and baggy style of Lehnga with a lot Choone style

beautiful mehron and dark green saree with full slave style of saree blouse and loose style of Gala (Neck) designs

Golden and Chocolate color Saree with Fish Style of lehnga and half slave of blouse with loose round neck (gala) design

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