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Monday, September 21, 2009

Pakistani Hijab Style

Its a Beautiful Pakistani Hijab style and looking more beautiful with JILBAB (like Abaya but not Abaya)

beautiful black and white casual Hijab style for Pakistani, Irani, and other Islamic countries.

Its a Ladies Hijab with Beautiful Jilbab Style, this Hijab style is a new fashion and mostly these types of hijabs are using with new net style Abayas.

Its is a beautiful colorful Pakistani Hijab style and these Hijabs can be used with Abaya you can see in the Picture.

Its is a beautiful Net style Irani Hijab style and mostly used in Dubai and Egypt but now introduced in Pakistan also with beautiful motif borders and Under Hijab style. This Hijab is looking like Ladies Shawl (Wraps) style.

Its a Pakistani beautiful red color hijab style with beautiful motif border style and liens border. This Hijab style is a New Bridal Hijab style.

beautiful colorful Pakistani hijab is looking beautiful with Red Under Hijab, this Hijab style is colorful floral Hijab style.

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