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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Latest Indian Traditional Saree for Party Wear

Indian Traditional wedding party wear saree with heavy motif and zari work, This saree is in Dark yellow and brown color. As This saree has Yellow color so will have good impression in Mehndi Party. This saree has a beautiful belt of chain.


Beautiful Traditional dark green saree in silk for day parties wear. this saree has simple designs of motif and have a nice golden gota style.

This saree has a beautiful round neck blouse in sleeveless style with colorful saree pallu. This saree has also beautiful draper style lehnga.

Nice dark cyan color saree as Traditional cultural style with a beautiful silver gota style. The saree pallu has nice motif floral and leaf style.

Its a bridal parties wear saree in cultural traditional style with heavy motif and zari work on saree pallu. The saree pallu has also beautiful wide gota style as border.

Nice Indian bridal wedding wear saree in cultural traditional collection. the saree blouse is in sleeveless style with heavy motif and mirror work. Saree pallu is in sparking golden style and saree lehnga is in dark green style.

Nice traditional party wear saree in sparking orange color with sparking gota liens border style.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Indian Cultural Saree for Parties

Indian Cultural Saree with beautiful "W" style Lines in white color. The Saree Pallu is decorated with beautiful Silver Gotta in floral style. The Saree blouse has a gorgeous neck style in straight style and half sleeve style. Saree Lehnga is in beautiful draper touch. This Saree design is taken from Indian Cultural Mahrani saree style.

Very Costly Saree for Indian Mahrani Girls with beautiful color and Shawal style Pallu. The Pallu of the Cultural Saree is extra wide and decorated with beautiful and zari and Motif designs.

Fantastic combination of black and sparking golden colors in cultural Saree for parties wear. The saree Blouse is in black color, Simple and half sleeve style. But the Saree Pallu is decorated with beautiful black Vector floral style. The Saree Drape is in beautiful and tall draper style. The saree will be a fantastic party wear Saree in traditional style.

Mughal style Saree in Resham with colorful textures and Floral Vectors. The saree Blouse is decorated with beautiful zari and motif style but the Saree Pallu is in Maroon color with colorful Vectors. The Draper Saree has a beautiful border with motif work. This Cultural Mughal Saree is designed for High Society Party wears.

Ivory color Saree in Silk with beautiful small black dots and Vector floral style border in Dark Maroon and black color.

Dark Green Saree with Dark maroon border. The Saree is decorated with zari and motif work. That Indian Traditional style saree is designed for Mehndi parties, Shaadi, wedding Parties, Diwali parties or walima parties or such different parties.

Beautiful colorful saree with color mixing. The saree Blouse is in simple round style in half sleeve style and saree pallu has a beautiful Gotta border.

Very Costly but deserve. This saree Pallu has beautiful Vector floral design with light yellow background but the border is in Dark Slate Gray color with gorgeous designs the pallu has also beautiful gotta, mirror, zari and Motif work on pallu as Square style design. The saree Blouse is in round but little baggy and half sleeve style.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beautiful and latest Indian Cultural Dresses

These are all Indopak (Indian and Pakistani) Mughal Cultural Salwar kameez. these kameez is design with Costly Material like Motif and Zari designs and designed like a Ladies Kurti Style. The Mostly Mughal ladies used Churidar pajama. This churidar pajama is Old Fashion but yet so Famous Style.

Beautiful Indian Cultural Salwar kameez with beautiful floral style kameez and beautiful churidar pajama style salwar. and dupatta is in Net floral style. This Salwar kameez style was mostly used by Mughal Family (Old IndoPak Royal Family).

Nice Indian Cultural Salwar kameez in beautiful Neck design and non sleeve kameez style is looking beautiful in Churidar pajama.

Indian Old Cultural Salwar kameez with Gorgeous and beautiful large Motif and zari Neck design and looking more beautiful in Churidar pajama style Salwar

Indian Old Cultural Salwar kameez, the Kameez is in Green color with beautiful neck design in Collar bane style, the Kameez is Decorated with Golden Floral Dots with Green Background and nice churidar pajama.

Nice Sober Indian Cultural Salwar kameez with beautiful neck design in Collar bane style and kameez is in colorful floral background.

Nice Indian Mughal style Salwar kameez with nice neck design and Tareez style kameez looking more beautiful in Churidar pajama.

Mughal style kameez in Golden background and Black floral designs with beautiful black churidar pajama.

Nice Pakistani Cultural Salwar kameez like Pakistani Heer style salwar kameez because of of its beautiful neck design and nice kameez style.

Indian Mughal style salwar kameez with Coat Kurti Style kameez in nice printed work on Kameez in net arm design and beautiful churidar pajama.

Indian Cultural Salwar kameez with net arm style and beautiful neck design and net dupatta style.

Cultural Salwar kameez with beautiful colorful neck design like a Sindhi Cultural Neck design is looking beautiful in cream color background and Maroon Churidar pajama.

Mughal Cultural Salwar kameez with nice and beautiful neck design and beautiful black Churidar pajama style salwar.

Latest Mughal Cultural Salwar kameez in Cyan Color with beautiful V style neck design with Liens border and Nice Dupatta style with churidar pajama.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Chinyere Mughal couture '09 Collection

Chinyere start to Start to Work on Mughal and Cultural Style fashion dress with costly work on Kameez and dupatta like motif and zari floral and different new designs let see...

Its a Beautiful and costly Mughal Style Salwar kameez with beautiful Mughal style designs on borders and neck with Beautiful Motif and Zari work in this salwar kameez, Salwar designs is Churidar Pajama Salwar style. and kameez is in Full sleeve style designs.

Beautiful Indian Mughal Style Dress like Anarkali Gown Style Kameez in colorful designs with Motif designs and Salwar is very widely like Lehnga designs.

Mughal Style Salwar kameez with beautiful Motif Neck design and kameez is looking more beautiful with Churidar Salwar designs. its a Mughal cultural style salwar kameez.

Beautiful Anarkali Gown style kameez with beautiful blouse style neck design in beautiful motif style neck and looking Gorgeous with Churidar Pajama. Mostly Anarkali Suit or Mughal design is looks beautiful with Churidar Pajama Salwar designs.

Beautiful Mughal Style kameez in Motif and Zari Design on Kameez one is Being focus that this kameez is design has Collar Bane which looks more beautiful and instead of Salwar here Lehnga is used as a Salwar designs.

Cultural Salwar kameez with V style neck design and full sleeve kameez design kameez is decorated with beautiful Motif and Zari work and Salwar is in Fitted style like a Trouser style.

Its a Cultural Kameez style mostly in Punjab Villager (you ever seen in Heer Ranjha Film). In Punjabi Cultural Yet this design is Used like in Parties, Mehndi or Wedding Functions. Here kameez is Decorated with Motif floral Design and instead of Salwar Lehnga style (Dhoti) is used.

Its a Indian Cultural Lehnga style with beautiful motif and Liens border with Beautiful Dupatta style Here blouse is also decorated with Floral Motif and Zari Designs.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cultural Bridal Fashion Dress

Fahad Hussayn has introduced limited collections about bridal wears, its Jewelry, Make up and styles also in Nur-Bai collection. These designs are cultural and looking so beautiful for brides. It's Bindiya, Necklace, wedding ring and dress also. Let see some designs........

The bride has Beautiful Salwar kameez, The Dupatta has beautiful floral designs with nice lance border. Kameez is in half sleeve style.

In this dress the bride has patiala salwar with beautiful kameez style. The patiala salwar is looking gorgeous for brides.

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