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Assortment of Popular Indian Silk Sarees

The Indian silk sarees are known for their lustrous beauty and incomparable variety of designs and colors. These sarees are known to be the traditional bridal wear for most of the Indian brides. No wedding is complete without the luxurious and expensive sarees made of pure silk. 

A variety of women cloths are manufactured from different parts of the country. The Indian women wear vibrant colored sarees made of silk during festive seasons and occasions. The traditional south Indian sarees made of pure silk is known worldwide for its aesthetic beauty and glamour.
The Various Types of Indian Silk Cloths
The silk cloths woven from different states vary in designs and styles. Some of the most popular sarees made of silk include the Banarasi, Kanchipuram, Bandhni, Thanchoi, Patola, Paithani sarees and so forth.

The Banarasi Sarees: the Banarasisilk cloths are among the most expensive and popular sarees woven in Banaras. It is usually made of gold thread and therefore is very expensive. These are popular as bridal wear and includes four varieties mainly: the kora, the katari, the sattir and the georgette. The designs on the Banarasi sarees include designs of animals, floral designs, motifs and nature. Weavers require a month to 
complete a single one.


The Kanchipuram Sarees: The contrasting and vibrant color of the Kanchipuram sarees makes it a unique choice among womens. The traditional designs found in these women wears include floral 'buttas', checks, stripes, designs of temples and flowers. The pallu, the border and the body of the saree is woven separately and then joined together in an authentic Kanchipuram style. These silk sarees are popular for its beauty,
lustre and durability.


The Bandhni Sarees: these silk sarees are the popular sarees of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The saree is designed by the traditional method of tie and dye which is known as Bandhej. Different colors of designs and patterns are formed on the sarees by using this method. 


The Thanchoi Sarees: these sarees have a unique pallu and the designs include floral motifs. These sarees have no borders and are exclusively woven from Benaras.

The Paithani Sarees: another expensive and elegant saree includes the Paithani sarees which is made of both silk and metal. The colors used for these sarees are derived from natural sources like flowers, leaves, soil and so forth. These silk sarees are considered elegant and luxurious as it is made from pure silk and includes metallic designs. In addition to the above, there are many other states that weave sarees made of pure silk. The Baluchari sarees are made from Murshidabad in West Bengal. The brocades of these sarees are made of untwisted silk thread which makes it even more popular. The Patola silk sarees are famous for its beautiful geometric designs and vibrant colors. These sarees are made exclusively from Gujarat. Sarees made of pure silk are essentially an integral part of Indian bridal wear. No matter what variety of saree you choose, it is important to identify the authenticity of the silk used to weave the sarees.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Most Beautiful Designs of Shalwar Kameez

The creativity is an origin of the designer's collection or Designers Salwar Kameez. In simple words, different thought, artistic creation, endless efforts, play with fabrication, result of experience, new trend settings, number of experiments give birth to Designer Salwar Kameez. There is no measurement of creativity or creativity has no limit and does not obey the rules of Traditional Salwar Kameez upto some extent.

Designer Salwar Kameez may be the result of instant creativity or it may be the result of long time creation, But the base of Designer Indian Salwar Kameez comes from the basic parameters. Designer Salwar Kameez base pattern is usually traditional but the creation on the basic pattern is always new and fresh.

The designer's different approach can make Indian Salwar Kameez most beautiful looking and sexy by taking different colors of fabric, neck design, artwork done on the bodice. It is not true that if Salwar Kameez is of high range then only it is good. Desiger's work can be done on any range of Indian Salwar Kameez, any type of fabric, quality etc.

India has different market of Designer Salwar Kameez. Normally the starting range of Designers Salwar Kameez can be found from Rs. 200 to many thousands or even lakhs. These Designer Salwar Kameez are regularly designed and floated all over for selling which have similar type of work like similar kind of patch work, embroidery, neck styles, collars etc.

Bollywood is a great market place for designer's collection. Due to the film industry, a huge collection of designer wear can be found there. Some of the designer's designs are unique and specially made on orders.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Keep Your Hand and Feet Preety

Sushma Khan, National Skin Trainer, Lakme Beauty Salon
gives top tips on getting best out of your manicure and
pedicure. By Priyanka Bhattacharya (Beauty Magazine)

Moisturise often:
It is important to use hand creams to rehydrate your hands after every wash. It is more important if you have used harsh detergents.

Foot creams help:
Use a rich cream on your feet every night to restore your skin, which suffers through the day. Always wash your feet as you reach home and before applying the lotion. This will also keep your nails free from any infection.

Get antiseptic:
Since humidity can cause infection so use an antiseptic soap or a foot-wash to wash away grime. Also before you wear shoes dust your feet with an anti-fungal power. This will also keep your feet smelling fresh.

Pro care:
Once in 15 days visit a professional manicurist and a pedicurist for complete treatment. Go for hydrating treatments complete with scrub, mask, moisturiser, massage Рthe works. At Lakm̩ we have what we call hand and foot facials that replicate the balancing facials that we offer customers.

Facials for hands and feet:
We have various types of hand and foot facials where we pamper your limbs so that you are mentally and physically relaxed. We use ingredients like floral extractions, orchid essential scrub, ceramide creams, and white tea moulding mask to treat different hands and feet problems.

Try reflexology:
When you are feeling exhausted and tired, and have aching limbs then foot reflexology session can be very beneficial. It is a holistic healing technique that improves lymphatic drainage and removes toxins within the body. It is highly relaxing. The moves also leave your hands and feet feeling lighter.

Just push, don’t snip:
When you are getting a pedicure and manicure ensure that the therapist does not cut your cuticles. Instead he or she should push it back and remove only the dead layer. That will avoid infections and keep nails healthy. In case you develop infection, please wait till it gets alright before going in for a professional session.

Care in between:
In between professional treatments do take care of your hands and feet. Besides regular cream massages, also do small at home hand and foot care. Remove nail polish, file and trim your hand and toe nails, then soak them in warm soapy water, add some lemon to it to have a lightening effect. Use a face scrub to slough off dead skin cells, then wash off and massage a good cream. You can also soak your nails in olive oil to strengthen them and give them a natural shine.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Latest Anarkali Designs With Churidar Pajama

Beautiful Indian Anarkali Suit with beautiful blouse neck design in Red color, kameez is in flat gown style with beautiful red liens border and looking beautiful with red churidar pajama style. This anarkali Dress has a beautiful Net Dupatta Style.

Nice Anarkali design with beautiful gown style kameez and wide blouse style neck design. this anarkali design is looking beautiful with churidar pajama.

what a beautiful Gown style Anarkali Salwar kameez with beautiful neck design and this anarkali suit is decorated with beautiful golden stars and have a beautiful churidar pajama. its a party wear anarkali suit.

beautiful Anarkali suit or salwar kameez with beautiful kurti style kameez and churidar pajama style salwar and this kurti style kameez is decorated with beautiful neck design and it is also looking like banarsi salwar kameez.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Exclusive Dress Designs Which Are In Vogue

For centuries, both men and women have given utmost importance to the kind of clothes they wear. Women in particular love to dress up elegantly and are conscious about their clothing. To cap it all, there are a multitude of dress designs available for women today.

Traditional and Contemporary Styles

The traditional wear in India includes the sarees and the Salwar Kameez. As time progressed, new trends and fashions crept in, blending traditional values and contemporary styles. The dress designs of the eastern culture became well accepted and appreciated.
Today you can find many dress designs which exemplify the western culture. Jeans, T-shirts, gowns, skirts and so forth are found in varieties. Gone are the days when women wore only the traditional wears. Today women love to explore and experiment with latest varieties and trends.

Funky designs, vibrant colors, floral patterns on the dresses are loved and in great demand among the younger generation. No matter what kind of wear- casual, formal or designer wear, women love to have the best attire and appear unique in their dressing.

Designer sarees, lehengas and cholis, Salwar Kameez and so forth are also preferred by women on special occasions. Designer wears have had a special importance in the every person's life. Expensive and elegant designer sarees are considered absolutely perfect for special occasions like weddings, engagements, festivals and social gatherings. Sarees have known to accentuate the beauty of a woman since decades.

You can also find a plethora of dress designs in the online stores too. Cotton fabrics, woollen materials, scarves and stoles can be bought online at reasonable rates. Most of these products are manufactured according to the latest fashion designs and trends. Each day a new product is launched updating fashion trends.

Choose From a Variety of Designs

There are man varieties of dress materials available in the online stores which include Salwar Kameez, fancy dress material, churidar materials, designer wears and many more. Heavily embroidered suits with beautiful and intricate designs are also available at reasonable rates.
A variety of suit fabrics are also available at different rates. Punjabi suits, chikan embroidered materials, jacquard dress materials are some of the most loved and craved dress designs by most of the women. These dress fabrics are well worth the price and par excellence.

Cotton sarees in addition to the tangali sarees are much in demand due to its availability of versatile colors and designs. These sarees are appreciated even in the global market. Though designer sarees are preferred by women, cotton sarees have a uniqueness which is quite undeniable. It is chic and comfortable and can be worn on any occasion.

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